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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  November 9, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon in hd. >> good afternoon. i am mindy basara. president obama visits indonesia today. it is the second nation on his
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10-day asian tour, and a nation where he spent four years as a child. >> this trip has already been canceled twice, and no sooner did the president touched down in jakarta that the white house announced that his visit may be cut short over concerns about volcanic ash. first, india, and today, indonesia. it is the second leg of president barack obama's four- nation, 10-day asian tour, a trip designed to boost economic and security ties. >> as president, i am here to focus not on the past, but the pitcher, the governments of partnerships we are building been -- comprehensive partnerships we are building between the united states and indonesia. >> the agenda is designed to show president obama is committed to bridging device between the muslim world and the west. obama and his indonesian counterparts are expected to
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sign a comprehensive partnership agreed to a year ago that would cover security and trade issues. obama will also deliver what is being called a major speech focused on the themes of democracy, development, and diplomacy. ahead of the trip, protestors rallied across indonesia, opposed to the american president's visit to the world's largest muslim majority nation. the white house spokesperson says they are monitoring the cloud of all panic-, and it may cause the president to leave a jakarta -- the clout of volcanic ash, and it may cause the president to leave jakarta earlier than planned. >> indonesia's mountain continues to spew thick clouds of ash. at least two ordered 65,000 people living in shelters outside at -- at least 265,000 people are living in shelters outside the emergency zone. the book get o -- qaeda began spewing lava and deadly-two --
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volcano began spewing lava and deadly crash two weeks ago. >> a good tuesday afternoon to you. it is pretty outside. it feels a little bit colder than you might expect, and the reason for that is gusty winds. the reason for that is the strong from that is continuing to spin off the shores of new england eventually will move out of the area and into -- and the conflict between that low pressure and high pressure on the upper midwest is causing the wind spirit 57 downtown. we are near 60 at the airport. we will be in the 60's this afternoon. more on that in a little bit. >> an elderly woman is reporting after jumping from the second floor after a fire broke out at her with 100 it is a story we brought to you yesterday fire officials believe that the fire
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started in the kitchen and spread throughout the home. the woman sustained only minor injuries because she landed on the bushes that broker fall. sky team 11 captured these images of around 3:30 yesterday afternoon at a home at the 2300 block of franklin champ court. it took an hour to get the fire under control because of a lack of water supply. nobody was hurt, but the fire caused an unestimated $600,000 in damage. a counselor to youth has pleaded guilty to dealing heroin. he agreed to a 15-year prison term after pleading guilty to the racketeering. he worked for eight west baltimore for-profit organization and he could receive 20 years in prison. anne arundel county police need your help finding a mandate is a rape a woman in laurel but
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investigators said the 23-year- old female victim was sexually assaulted in an apartment building. it happened around 7:00 last night. police say her attacker, described as a black male about six feet tall, was wearing a red shirt and sweatpants. anyone with information is asked to call anne arundel county police. a proposed wal-mart and the heart of baltimore city is one step closer to becoming a reality. the baltimore city council vote unanimously approved a preliminary measure for the wal- mart. the wal-mart would serve as the anchor store in a mixed-use development. a developer charged with revitalizing the annapolis market house unveiled plans to renovate and resuscitate the market. some call it a blueprint for success with the old market,
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which gets in the front of the waterfront city. >> he operated effort stand here until he retired in 1993. now his former stall sits empty, like most of the market house. >> i had my fresh-squeezed orange juice machine. >> there are many theories on why the market has faltered. some say it is competition from supermarket chains. but now developer has a plan to turn things around. his company has overseen a similar projects, including renovations at belvedere square and grand central terminal in new york last night he unveiled his mission to the market house. it begins with basics like the air conditioning overhaul and giving the market and open-air field. it also calls for a seafood and bar with a liquor license. >> let people -- whether they
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bring in their wbaltv.c -- bring at whatever they bring in from their farms, bring it out here. >> many differ on whether the plan will work, but all share the hope that it does. >> it is to a point where -- >> it is possible if it is done right. i don't know. we have competition, and you had a fight that. >> kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> ray lewis and allbritton are now on the same team, sort of. -- ray lewis and tom brady are now on the same team, sort of. under armour signed them to a development deal. michael phelps and with it was
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have the endorsement deals with the the company. -- and ray lewis have endorsement deals with the company. the unique attitudes and cultures of the west coast. reginal hall of "law and order: los angeles joins us." and it is tuesday, so it plan questions. >> 5 with a dozen others to 30,000 -- $500,000 to $30,000.
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>> authorities in illinois, are on the lookout for the swine fl u robert. he earned the nickname because when asked about the surgical mask, he tells employees he is recovering from the swine flu. a florida woman was arrested accused of trying to sell her 8- week-old grandson. she faces several charges, including the illegal sale of a child, after law enforcement officials say she tried to sell the infant. she reportedly wanted to sell
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the child for upwards of $70,000. an arrangement -- a meeting was arranged on friday, but she did not know that the person supposedly buying the baby was an undercover police officer. >> "to this baby, give us our money, and go" -- that was the concept behind it. >> her boyfriend has also been charged wit. a gripping new episode on the this week's "law & order: los angeles." actress regina hall joins us to talk about that. and carrie engel is it to answer the plant and gardening questions. and fast food choices for kids -- what new research reveals about the role parents play. >> there is plenty of sunshine outside, but the winds are picking up yet again. right now is 59 degrees,
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beautiful downtown.
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>> in this afternoon's "medical alert," fast food advertisements out there open up a whole menu of meal choices for kids, but it is up to parents to make sure that there meals are healthy as possible. >> there is the reason that cars lined up at a fast food drive- thrus. for a lot of people, the mill just tastes good. but ordering a meal that is tasty and helpful for kids can be critical, according to research from yale university. >> they tended to have to many calories for children of the ages they are targeted to. >> the study looked at marketing techniques of 12 of the
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nation's largest food chains. >> we just need to make it easier for people when they go to restaurants to have a healthy meal without having to use a bang a fine glass in order to find it. -- use a magnifying glass and order to find it. >> according to the study, patrons receive the most popular site items, french fries. in a prepared statement, a mcdonald's executive pointed to the company's happy meals, including apples and low-fat milk and that their advertising features dietary choices that fit within the dietary guidelines for americans. the advertisements appeared to work with nearly half the kids and the study asked their parents to go to a vast group restaurant everly, and the majority of -- to a fast-food
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restaurant every week, and the majority of parents took them. "law &ama,w head order: los angeles." regina hall joins us to talk about the new series. how are you? >> how are you? thank you guys for having me. hi, baltimore. i'm from d.c. >> you are a local dial, almost. > -- local gal, almost. >> i have a family in baltimore. >> give them a shout-hour parade . oh, that is so sweet. i work with alfred molina, and we are the order side of "law
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and order." we put them behind bars. >> that sounds like a fine job. tell us about tomorrow's episode. >> that is a good one. you are going to have to watch that one. a lot of people have asked me a million questions. it is some brooding performances in this one. -- riveting performances in this one. you know he did a really great job? i have to give a shout-out to the makeup department. boy, did they do an amazing job -- i don't want to give it away, but it was so real that i was even like -- [gasps] >> what is it like to be part of an incredibly successful show in tv history, "law and order"? >> you know, it is a privilege.
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it is a privilege and a lot of responsibility. when a show and said that successful of a run and everybody has managed to set up and do their best and an amazing job, you want to carry the torch and do something equally amazing and yet unique in its own right. it offers a fresh twist to the franchise said that you actually integrate it with a new life of its own as opposed to reinvigorating it. you want to keep its own natural energy. it is really exciting. we are happy. we're having a great time. we are on set now. we are filming live -- live -- that was kind of funny. we are filming at occidental college. you see the ladies? >> i do. you have been so delighted to talk to. we have got to go, but i look forward to the neck of a separa -- next episode.
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>> thank you. by, baltimore. >> you can watch "law & order: los angeles" at 10:00 on wbal-tv 11. >> i hope you are having a great tuesday afternoon. on hd doppler, we are high and dry. we're going to warm up a little more than yesterday. not as blustery as they were yesterday. area of low pressure is pulling off the new england coast line. nothing like the sleet and snow they saw yesterday. there is high pressure to at the west and midwest and the ohio valley. is going to stabilize the forecast for the rest of the week. 57 and town, a 59 at the airport, 55 splitting the difference on the eastern shore. 13-mile-per-hour wind gusts. in the metropolitan areas come
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up to 15 in its suburbs like hagerstown. for the afternoon, at fifties to low 60s. mostly sunny skies did not a lot of time to enjoy it. sunset at 4: 57. normalize 59 but we will be a couple of degrees above that -- normal height is 59 but we will be a couple of degrees above that. 46 downtown. we are getting older and muddler -- we are getting wilder and wilder as the week progresses. -- milder and milder as the week progresses. the low pressure will move us out of the scenario. mostly sunny towards wednesday. get this, 70's and the press as we head into the weekend. -- 70's in the forecast as we head into the weekend. >> carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer the
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plant and gardening questions. >> this as various as jade trees and different things. they grow in the wintertime, unlike a lot of other houseplants. >> first question -- >> just make sure that the soil stays evenly moist. you don't want to much water in there. just keep the air going. >> our bagley has grown very large. -- magnolia has grown very large. >> the evergreen magnolias, wait until the holidays. they are great decorations. >> we hear this every year. >> cornell, penn state, a lot of
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a veterinary colleges up on the research. saying you should feed into cats and dogs, but go easy. a little girl had adjusted to poinsettia and they voted to that, but really, you are safe. >> if you have a question -- up next, the maryland lottery numbers, and we will get another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast.
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>> tonight at 5:00, efforts to keep aging drivers behind the wheel could lead to redesigned roads. and the latest in a car seat safety technology -- seat belts with an extra function that could save your life. and now the maryland lottery numbers. >> good afternoon. here are your pick 3 numbers for the day. the bonus matched five doubler is here. you could double your winnings
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on every play. visit your retailer and played today. we are set with the pick four numbers. when you play the maryland lottery, everybody wins. see the benefits at >> it is beautiful outside. it is breezy. we will call its breezy instead of windy. we will be in the low sixties to mid 60's tomorrow. friday and saturday, 70 degrees. plenty of sunshine throughout. a wonderful forecast when you consider that this is no member brid that the -- since
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november. >> thanks for joining us. >> joined stan stovall and don l. hamilton tonight at 5:00. -- donna hamilton tonight at 5:00. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at, and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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